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Shedding Light on the AdTech Supply Chain

Find out who is selling your inventory
Or Validate Ads.txt

Our mission is to help publishers and buyers gain insight into the authenticity of the parties who mediate between them. We promote transparency to curb the fraud that is casting a shadow over the AdTech ecosystem.

How it works

At the heart of our initiative lies an automated tool that compares ads.txt files with sellers.json and provides simple and useful feedback. We based the tool on our extensive knowledge and experience with the AdTech industry and our passion for transparency.

Gain back control over your ads.txt file

Code sample for ads.txt

Gain back control over your ads.txt file

  • Easily see who is really selling your inventory
  • Validate ads.txt lines provided by new sellers Validate Ads.txt
  • See how you are doing compared to your competitors and the industry
  • Learn all you need to know about ads.txt and sellers.json in one place

Industry Highlights

Insights about state of transparency from 116 thousand websites we crawl

Average number of ads.txt lines per domain
Average number of sellers per domain
Average number of non-existing seats per domain
Average number of exchanges per domain
Average number of Intermediaries per domain

Golden Rules of Domain Safety

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